Presentation Guide

Presentation Overview

All AURS presenters are asked to submit a virtual poster (and a short pre-recorded video) by Sunday, November 21. These will be made available to give all ACE2021 participants and IAFOR Members the opportunity to browse and watch the different presentations before the start of the live conference. The presentations will stay available until December 31 to give participants the chance to catch up on presentations even after the official conference dates.

The live one-hour student panel and roundtable session on Saturday, November 27 at 17:00 is designed to focus on discussion. Audiences can watch the pre-recorded presentations and view posters before joining the live session. The session will consist of a short 3-minute recap of each presentation, which will be followed by a longer lively discussion, exchange, and Q&A.

Virtual Poster Format

The style of the poster is up to you. Most presenters choose to create the poster with PowerPoint and convert their presentation into a PDF file, but feel free to use any software of your choosing. Other options include Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Spark. However, please note that we can only accept one-page posters in PDF format.

Your poster will be hosted and posted on the conference website. Please prepare your poster as a single one-page PDF file.
- We cannot accept Word, PowerPoint, JPEG, or other formats.
- Your poster PDF must be only one page.
- No Larger than 10MB
- Horizontal or vertical orientations are acceptable.
- After registering for the conference you can upload via the submission system

Three-minute Pre-recorded Video (optional)

Share a short pre-recorded video to help explain your poster. We recommend that these videos be no longer than three minutes in length.

How to Upload Your Poster (and Optional Video)

Please visit the submission system to upload your Poster. Full instructions and guidelines can be found on the upload page. You need to be logged-in to the submission system before you can upload.

Upload your Poster

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